Brand & Image Reputation Management

People's opinion of you matters. Positive opinion can create media opportunities, generate sales, and build your fan base. Negative opinions can cause sales to drop, problems getting booked, and even prevent you from record deals. Naturally, we hope you never have to use this service but we offer it just in case.

Reputation management is just a fancy term that means we listen to the chatter surrounding you and your music. It allows a musician to identify potential threats before they become issues and capitalize on existing opportunities. So how exactly do we do this?

Online Monitoring
We watch the conversations online to research the attitudes towards you and your music. Social channels are the most dangerous as information has the most potential to go viral here.

Rumor Detection
We activate your current fan base to listen in on any rumors that might be circulating. We also watch other similar musicians to identify any threats they face that could affect you.

Crisis Media Training
This skill will help you in effectively interacting with members of the media during interviews and press conferences specifically during a crisis. It guides you in getting your message across concisely and with influence.