Job Openings

Currently, there are no job openings at Dominant Seventh. Keep an eye out though because we are a growing company. We do hire freelancers occasionally.

Internship Opportunities

Dominant Seventh is always looking for exceptional students or recent graduates in the public relations, advertising, marketing, or communications fields interested in the music industry. Whether you are looking to gain targeted skills in the music PR industry or just another experience to broaden your view of the public relations field, we would love to hear from you.

To apply for an internship, please send the following items to

  • Resume
  • 2 Writing Samples (not to exceed two pages each) - preferably one of which is a news release
  • Coverletter - Answer these questions in just two paragraphs total:
  1. Describe to me the last concert, musical, music festival, or other music event you went to. Paint a picture for me using your words.
  2. Pick your favorite artist/band and then pretend I'm an editor of a music magazine. Sell them to me and convince me why I should listen to their newest single, album, or EP.