Have you ever seen an indie band on the cover of a music magazine? How about hearing an interview with the next up-and-coming musician on your favorite radio station? Did you ever wonder how they landed that? Two words: Media. Relations.

Besides making music, the most crucial step in your career will be getting people to notice you. This process is rather time-consuming and can be very hard when you are doing it yourself. Dominant Seventh offers media relations as part of our services to help get you the coverage you need to grow.

We base our outreach on where you'd like to see growth, where we can get you the best exposure, and what will fit within your budget. Media outreach can include print, television, radio, or blogs on a local, regional, and even national level.

Take a look at some of our client's achievements:

We Are Kings & Queens - 30 minute interview on The Red Booth web series and TV show. The TV show debuted their music video "Decide".