Pamela Rose Presents "Wild Women of Song"

The Laura X Institute approached Dominant Seventh with a time-sensitive request. It had an upcoming event that would put veteran San Francisco jazz and blues vocalist, Pamela Rose, on stage for two nights as a benefit concert for both Laura X and Harris-Stowe State University (HSSU). The first night took place at the prestigious Jazz at the Bistro in Grand Center and the second night at HSSU as a free show.

Because of these two shows, there were two separate goals. The first was to sell 200 tickets within ten days for the Jazz at the Bistro show. The second was to increase the attendance of the free concert that coincided with Mother's Day. There needed to be at least 300 people in the audience for that event. Here were the results:

Goal 1: Two primary tactics were used to secure 167 tickets within ten days. The first was getting weekly newspapers to cover the event to spread the word about how it would be a fantastic gift for Mother's Day. Secured placements included the Riverfront Times and the local neighborhood weeklies (i.e., Webster-Kirkwood Times, South County Journal). The second focused on media relations using Twitter to media members and local jazz influencers to have them tweet about the show to their followers. While the 200 mark was not hit, we exceeded the expectations of what the client thought was possible in the short timeframe.

Goal 2: Over 600 people were in attendance for the Mother's Day show thanks to a variety of tactics. Flyers were a significant part of the success as these were passed out at the end of other jazz shows accessing the target audience directly. With Dominant Seventh's guidance, both Laura X and Pamela Rose used social media to do a final push to their followings about the benefit show. This concert got placed on every event calendar in St. Louis including DO314, the most notable and most frequented calendar for happenings in the area. Finally, the night received a write-up from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that has a circulation of about 300,000 weekly.