The Laura X Institute held joint benefit concerts with Harris-Stowe State University (HSSU) as part of its fundraising efforts in 2015. The concerts would feature Pamela Rose, a jazz and blues singer, over the course of two nights in two different venues. One show would be at Jazz at the Bistro located in Grand Center and the other at the HSSU Jazz Institute.

Determining social media as the best direction, we reached out to journalists on Twitter to engage them in conversation about the Jazz at the Bistro concert and spread the word to their followers. We also made sure to add the show to all event calendars in the St. Louis area and distributed flyers at similar events. The result? A total of 147 tickets were sold in 10 days.

Dominant Seventh simultaneously pushed the presence of the second show at HSSU Jazz Institute through social media, event calendars, and a placement in the Riverfront Times online. These combined efforts lead to approximately 600 people in attendance for the second concert greatly surpassing expectations.