What We Do

Growth is the number one goal in your mind at all times and we understand that. Are you growing your fan base, ticket revenue, or streams? Our service list is extensive to provide a fully integrated approach to meet your goals while staying on budget. Additionally, we work on only four projects at a time to ensure we can dedicate the time needed to see you level-up in your career. Your career isn’t just a business opportunity for us; it’s a partnership that we invest in. Take a look and let us know how we can help.



Story & Message Development

We work with you to find the story you want to tell the world. From there, we develop the different narratives that best showcase it to the people that matter.

The Fundamentals

From your biography to your EPK, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to create material that conveys your story in a bit-size, digestible way.

Social Listening

Online conversations are monitored to research the attitudes and sentiment towards you and your music. This gives you the best immediate feedback.

Media Training

You’ll learn how to answer a reporter’s question in a concise, yet influential way. We also show you the do’s and don’ts of interview etiquette.


content strategy


Music, videos, tour dates… These are examples of content we use as the focus of our efforts. We combine these with strategies to build a comprehensive campaign.

Social Media

Harness the power of your digital platforms to create and distribute new content to your fans directly. We use your online buzz to drive offline success and vice versa.


Stunning visuals and quick copy re-enforce your current fan base and intrigue potential new listeners on a massive scale through digital and traditional efforts.

Email Marketing

Build a hyper-engaged audience by providing top fans with exclusive content they cannot find anywhere else. Use them to promote your content organically and drive sales.



Local & Regional Media

Media members are a crucial part of the equation. A placement in a magazine, on a TV station, or on the radio acts as a third-party endorsement of you and your music.

National Media

One of these placements can rocket your career; however, the key is to time this correctly. Let us prepare you for that next major step in your career.


No, we don’t mean big influencers with 500K+ followers. Your music is organically placed in front of your target market through micro-influencers in your own city.

Tour Support

Are you traveling to promote your new music? Great! We’ll work with the local media in each city to make sure they know you’re coming and why they should care.