The Basics

Start On The Right Foot

We totally get that you may not be ready for a full-blown campaign and even if you are, have you thought of what you actually need to start? We are happy to offer these one-time services to help get you started and put your best foot forwards with or without us.

Media Relations

Get The Media's Attention

Have you ever seen an indie band on the cover of a music magazine? How about hearing an interview with the next up-and-coming musician on your favorite radio station? Did you ever wonder how they landed that? Two words: Media. Relations.


Social Media

Build A Fan Base

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple Music… There are numerous platforms people use today that make it hard to determine which is the best value. We help you build a strategy to target your ideal fan base and grow your engagement with two options.



Reputation Management

How People View You

People's opinion of you matters. Positive opinion can create media opportunities, generate sales, and build your fan base. Negative opinions can cause sales to drop, problems booking shows, and even prevent you from record deals. This is why we provide you this service for free when you hire us for media relations and/or social media.